About the Farm

Pomello Farm is a new 1 and 1/2 acre organic edible and medicinal garden and burgeoning suburban homestead being created by the Jolicoeur Family that rests at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. It is in constant evolution. It is being developed as an ecological and arts center with regular events, classes and workshops being offered to the public. It was created in response to the growing global need for creative action and processes of all kinds as the human family faces ecological, economic and social crisis that require new thought and inspired, focused shifts in our way of being. Permaculture principles are one key used to unlock the potential of this little bit of earth and many workshops and classes revolve around that core. Fostering the arts and the creative process itself is another key we utilize in the search for global and local answers, growth, community and social development and as we seek to write a better future for the story of our planet.

This is a young project, in it's first year of life, and our goals are many and ..... well...... down right juicy. We have felt tremendous support and enthusiasm along the first steps of this satisfying path. And this keeps us going amidst the varied challenges that occasionally arise. We are far from perfect..... in fact we are something a little better than perfect...... we are human and therefor flawed. You can bet we'll be sharing our mistakes, shortcomings and struggles right alongside our victories, goals and strengths.

We invite you to join along in our journey of transformation and start a journey of your own as we continue to build, expand, consider, create, understand, renew and connect!

Peace and Carrots,
Aleli Jolicoeur